Guided fishing at the coast - Open guiding

Guided sea trout fishing at the coast of Falkenberg
- Open guiding



Open guiding means dated guided tours that anyone can sign up for. This guide is suitable for those who fish themselves or are just a few. Who wants to fish together with like-minded people.

The price will be lower than if you book a guided tour yourself, as it is shared by more people.


In this guided fishing we go into techniques, places, baits, flies etc. that are good for sea trout fishing in and around Falkenberg. This approach gives you a deeper knowledge of fishing for sea trout, regardless of whether you are fishing with spin or fly.


Coastal fishing for sea trout in Falkenberg is a real treasure.

Very few people fishing here.


We have a fairly varied coastal environment with many real hot spots.

The coast is open, so strong winds can sometimes make it a little tricky. But most of the time we find places to go fishing.

We wade among bladder wrack and stone, sandy bottom and reef.

The wading itself can be demanding in some places while others are easy, of course we choose places that suit your prior knowledge.


The fishing is at its best from the premiere 1/4 - mid-May, then it really starts up again throughout September.

But here are also many nice places to try on the summer night.

A fishing that can be really calm and rewarding.



The fish can be surprisingly good size, not entirely uncommon with fish of 3-4 kg.

But the normal weight is probably 1-2.5 kg. With a lot of fish below the size of 45 cm as well.


So if you like sea trout fishing, we can highly recommend a session with one of our experienced guides in a couple of nice places.


A little depending on your experience and external influence, we will normally have time with 1-3 places to visit and fish off.


Welcome here!



Type of activity

Guided fishing on the coast

Open guiding group



7 April 2022 at 08:00 - 13:00



Sea trout, garfish etc.



5 hours





What do you need to bring with you?

Waders are a must, preferably a wad rod.

Spinning rod 9-10 ", approx. 10-30 gr

Fly rod 9 ", # 6-8, float or int line


Not included

All equipment is available for rent if needed.


Number of places

3-5 pers



900 Sek



Jesper, Jimmy or Andreas