Guided fishing in Högvadsån

Guided salmon & sea trout fishing in
Högvadsån, Falkenberg



Högvadsån is a tributary to Ätran. It flows through Ullared.

If you want to pay a visit to the famous department store, it's perfect to combine with a little fishing.



The river is really nice to fish with alternating pools and stretches.

About 3-10 meters wide, excellent with one-handed fly fishing or a switch rod.

Since the opening of Hertingforsen in Ätran down in Falkenberg, the river has become really good.



However, you should keep in mind that for fishing to be worth a try, a decent water flow is required in the river.



The river is divided into 3 sections with sections in between where it is not allowed to fish.

With the right water flow, the catching chances are really good in Högvadsån.


The fish fights well in the small river.

Normal size of the fish is between 1-6 kg.



Here you go fishing in a beautiful environment with really nice pools.

The distance is long and there is a lot to fish.

We meet at the agreed place depending on which distance we are going to fish.

There we go through equipment, fly selection etc.

Then we fish from the hot spots and try to find the biting salmon.



Fishing usually starts in May and is allowed until the end of September.



The river rarely gets too colored for fishing.

If it is cloudy down in Ätran, it may well be perfect conditions in Högvadsån.

So you are warmly welcome to visit this gem with me.


For half-day guided tours, we drive either morning or evening.



Type of activity







Salmon, sea trout



Half day 5 hours

Full day 9 hours


Not included

Fishing license,

equipment is available for rent if needed.



Half day:

1 pers 2300 Sek

2 pers 2700 Sek

3 pers 3100 Sek

4 pers 3500 Sek


Full day:

1 pers 3800 Sek

2 pers 4200 Sek

3 pers 4600 Sek

4 pers 5000 Sek



Jesper, Jimmy or Andreas