Guided fishing in Ätran

Guided salmon & seatrout fishing in
Ätran Falkenberg

The eatery located in Falkenberg flows through the middle of the city.

In the summer evenings you can go fishing while you can

feel the pulse of the city.
Music from the outdoor cafes, the ramparts' open-air theater etc.

Nothing that bothers, but can be a nice setting.

Falkenberg has a really good selection of exciting eateries with several
restaurants that are part of the White guide, so it is absolutely perfect to
combine fishing with some good food.

The lower parts of Ätran have in recent years been well described due to the demolition of the former power plant dam that was located at Herting's power plant and the river was restored.

Which has given a fantastic result for the salmon that can pass much easier up

to their spawning grounds.

And Hertingforsen itself has immediately started producing a lot of smolt.

So the future looks bright for Ätran.

The fishing takes place on the lower 3 kilometers of the river,
which means that the fishing is good even in really shallow water.

Ätran is also known for fishing really well in hot summer water as well.

When summer makes fishing hopeless in many rivers, it is really rewarding here.

April-June, salmon of about 3.5 - 10 kilos are the most common.
(April some sea trout with).

Mid-June-mid-August is the small salmon that dominates about 1 - 3 kg.

A fishing that is really good and a bit of my favorite, as it often happens a lot.

Aug-Sept it is the spawning coloured fish that dominates, then all sizes are usually more willing to bite. With a lot of aggressive male salmon.

Sea trout fishing usually starts in mid-June and lasts for the rest of the season.

In slightly worse weather, sea trout fishing can be really good.

1-3 kg dominates, but fish of 4-7 kg are caught at regular intervals.

At the bottom of the stretch there are a couple of nice rapids, further up there is a little more calm-flowing parties.

Spin fishing, fly fishing and shrimp fishing are allowed.

You can usually do well with a light two-handed or one-handed rod.

But at really high water, a little heavier stuff may be required.

The arrangement of our guided tours is that we meet up at the salmon cottage which is located at the top of the stretch.

There we go through what the situation looks like in the river,
suitable equipment, flies etc.

Then we go down along the river and fish from the hot spots.

We show and give tips on how and where you fish in the best way,
which flies apply for the season etc.
During a full-day guided tour, we break for lunch for a few hours, and then meet up at the agreed place again when you feel ready.

The chance of catching is good in Ätran, but as with all salmon fishing, many factors come into play.

But we will do our best for you to get the most out of your visit to Ätran.

The river is easy to wade in many places and long casts are rarely needed.

Most often the opposite, not infrequently the salmon take on a fairly short line.

If you want to try salmon fishing in a wonderful environment, you are warmly welcome to Falkenberg.

For half-day guided tours, we guide either morning or evening.



Type of activity







Salmon, seatrout



Halfday  5 hours
Fullday   9 hours


Not included


equipment is available for rent
if needed.




1 pers    2300 Sek
2 pers    2700 Sek
3 pers    3100 Sek
4 pers    3500 Sek


1 pers    3800 Sek
2 pers    4200 Sek
3 pers    4600 Sek
4 pers    5000 Sek


Jesper, Jimmy or Andreas