Guided tour / introduction salmon fishing, Hertingforsen, Falkenberg



Hertingforsen is a new stretch in Ätran that opened for fishing the
2018  season.

The section is adjacent to the fishing down in the town of Falkenberg, and is where the old power plant's furrow used to go. The dam has been demolished and the old rapids recreated, with nice rapids and pools.


The stretch is limited to 2 fishermen per day and only with C/R fishing.


In high water you fish from land or from the bank on the north side and 

at lower water you wade out towards the south side,
where the gutter runs on
low tide and fish.
Then the gutter is about 3-10m wide.


Which makes it an exciting fishing and you get really close to the fish.


At low tide, a one-handed rod or shorter two-handed fits perfectly, then you

most fish on fairly short line.


You have a couple of really nice pools with many pitches in the form of rocks

and cavities.


On some parts of the stretch it is really turbulent water, and just in

these rushing currents, fishing can be really good.


The distance is not that long, about 400 m.


Perfect for two people to fish in peace and quiet.

And if you are right, when a step comes, it can be offered fantastic fishing.


We have had the privilege of trial fishing this stretch for 3 seasons, and it has given us a couple of really nice moments, as well as an invaluable knowledge of this wonderful fishing stretch.

So if you want to come to Falkenberg and fish a unique exciting stretch in a wonderful environment and want to take part of our knowledge, let us hear from you and book a guide on one of the west coast's newest fishing stretches.


The fishing license on this stretch also includes fishing down in town.

So if you want to combine this and also have guidance on these routes, it goes well.

Get in touch and we will fix a sensible package on everything.

I hope to see many fishermen with curved rods on this one wonderful distance!


Falkenberg is a fantastic food city and there are many other things to do here in combination with fishing.


Please visit falkenbergslaxfiske.se for more information about the place.



Type of activity







Salmon, sea trout



4 hours


Not included

Fishing license,

equipment is available for rent if needed.



1 pers 2050 Sek

2 pers 2450 Sek



Jesper, Jimmy or Andreas